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Lixnaw Fabrications

About us.

Specialise in, complete, cost effective, steel fabrication solutions, with competitive rates and fast turnarounds for the construction industry. We pride ourselves on being one of the most experienced steel fabricators in Ireland, with over 27 years of experience.

“We tick all the boxes to meet your steel requirements.”


Steel Drafting

Full range of steel detailing services in structural and miscellaneous steel.

Steel Fabrication

From a single steel lintel to a complete purpose made steel building

Surface Treatment

We deliver in a range of finishes to meet your exact requirements.


Co-ordinated to fit your schedule without disruption to other activities.

Tonnes of steel installed over our 27 year history.

Our Process

Our commitment to every job means we take an engineering approach to coordination, quality control and scheduling, developed on the job in hundreds of diverse projects that ensure quality and cost efficiency.

  1. RFP – On receipt of engineers drawings
  2. Structural drawing development & 3D Analysis
  3. Construction drawings issued and approved
  4. Steel and sheeting material list sign-off
  5. Steel fabrication & painting
  6. Delivery to site, installation team mobilisation
  7. On site installation with inspections
  8. CE Certification

We work closely with you and your structural engineers, architects and design team throughout the process.

Project Showcase

We proudly deliver steel services to residential, agricultural, industrial, commercial, sports & retail sectors throughout Ireland. Here is a small sample of projects completed.


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Lixnaw Fabrications has earned a strong reputation for quality and service as a top steel contractor and structural steel fabricator. Our highly skilled and experienced team, lead by Tommy Molyneaux are dedicated and geared to responding promptly to any enquiry.

Irrebeg, Lixnaw, Co. Kerry

Call: (066) 713 2454


Managing Director

Kenneth O’ Sullivan.

Project Manager


Financial Controller

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